Watch Your Step – The Thrills And Spills Of Running A Cleaning Company

Cleaning contractors face everyday risks to their wellbeing due to their occupation, including slips, falls from heights, handling of hazardous substances, dermatitis, and back injuries.

But of course, the risk of slipping extends to those in the building, as these three case studies from the Health & Safety Executive show:

  • Substance misuse – A cleaner was approached by a safety adviser when slipping incidents at a recently relocated company went through the roof. Turns out the cleaner was using fairy liquid on the floor as the right cleaning product was in another cupboard downstairs. Going down and getting it was “inconvenient”.


  • Coffee spill – When a customer spilt some coffee in a fast food outlet, a member of staff was quick to mop this and the surrounding area. What went from a spill the size of a 50 pence piece turned into an area about two square meters which took seven minutes to dry and was very slippery in that time.


  • Bad timing – Due to security concerns, one company employed the services of cleaners throughout the day, leaving plenty of slip opportunities. The solution involved a new regime whereby the floors were cleaned and dried at the same time.

Cover your tracks with insurance
An insurance policy which is designed to cover cleaning contractors can help you prepare for future accidents, as well as offering protection in other areas, such as damage to items being cleaned, misuse of customer telephones and loss of keys. It can also work behind the scenes to combat the financial outlay of legal issues, with Directors and Officers Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Redwood has access to such as policy, which will suit you if you work in either commercial or residential environments, covering specialist services including hospital cleaning and pressure washing.

This policy gives you free HR resource, e-learning and training, free legal expenses insurance, driving at work risk management, access to legal and tax helplines, and a host of other benefits.

If this is of interest to you, call our team at Redwood on 01268 776277 or email