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December Market Overview

Trade War Calls Ceasefire Summary There had been much anticipation surrounding the post G20 meeting between the US and China as investors were hopeful that there could be some trade concessions from the two largest economies. Investors breathed a sigh of relief as President Trump and President...

September Market Overview

Brexit Timetable Pushed Back Negotiations for a trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and the UK took place as the deadline for a mutual consensus approached. The first indications that a deal may not be agreed by the European Council meeting in October were hinted...

August Market Overview

Trump Trade War Escalates The trade war rhetoric became pertinent as China and the US implemented more tariffs on each of their economies. Despite this escalation, global markets continued to push forward as Trump’s trade war was shrugged off by increasing corporate earnings and a generally...

July Market Overview

Trade War Tensions Persist Donald Trump’s battle with the largest economies in the world has evolved as the US president threatened more tariffs with the aim of reducing trade deficits, mainly with China and the European Union. The European Central Bank have also stated that they...

April Market Overview

Trade War Ignited?   Last month we saw Donald Trump announce the introduction of tariffs on aluminium and steel with repercussions felt across the developed world and retaliatory procedures being touted by affected nations. As a result, markets saw a bout of volatility which was further exacerbated...