Pensions & Retirement

Pensions & Retirement

Offering advice and recommendations on both Group and Individual Pensions, Redwood’s experienced financial advisers are here to help with all facets of retirement planning.

We currently look after the interests of over 1,000 pension clients, ranging from large multi-national corporations to stakeholder pensions for grandchildren and other non-earners.



Offering advice for organisations and staff on all available pension options, our team are experts in assessing your existing arrangements for suitability and compatibility with current regulations.

We can help ensure that your corporate Tax and National Insurance arrangements are as efficient as possible, as well as ensure senior staff make use of their Personal Allowances, protect benefits within current legislation, and suggest plans to retain and reward staff including Salary & Bonus Sacrifice schemes.

We can also offer advice on:

  • Occupational pension schemes
  • Auto-enrolment requirements
  • Group stakeholder pensions
  • Group personal pensions
  • Small self-administered schemes
  • Salary/bonus sacrifice arrangements
  • Trustee investment plans



Tailored to your personal objectives, our dedicated advisors can provide a full pension and retirement planning service. We will always ensure you receive clear and accurate information on your plans, including:

  • Stakeholder pensions
  • Personal pensions
  • Self-invested personal pensions
  • Income drawdown
  • Pension transfers
  • State entitlements
  • Pensions & divorce
  • Retirement options
  • Annuity purchase
  • Personal & age allowance
  • Effects of the lifetime allowance
  • Personalised investment portfolios
  • Access to professional investment management services

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