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Watch Your Back – The Price Of Poor Ergonomics For Electrical Contractors

The onslaught of conditions which fall under Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is not pretty, but pretty painful to say the least. Injuries brought on by poor ergonomics can affect your muscles, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons. Due to confined spaces and the use of manual and power...

Watch Your Step – The Thrills And Spills Of Running A Cleaning Company

Cleaning contractors face everyday risks to their wellbeing due to their occupation, including slips, falls from heights, handling of hazardous substances, dermatitis, and back injuries. But of course, the risk of slipping extends to those in the building, as these three case studies from the Health...

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) increases to 12% today

Announced in last year’s Autumn Statement, Britain’s Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will be charged at the new rate on policies taken out or renewed from 1st June 2017 onwards. This will represent the third increase in IPT in less than two years. In July 2015 it...

Is your Business Still Receiving Old-Style £5 Notes?

The Bank of England estimates that there are 165 million old-style £5 notes in circulation – that’s nearly three for every person in the UK. However the outdated notes will cease to be legal tender from the 5thMay 2017 – causing headaches for consumers and...

People at work in a busy office - Redwood Business Insurance Services.

Is It The Law To Have Business Insurance?

No matter how experienced you are, the subject of business insurance can be fraught. How do you know what is a legal requirement and which are a waste?...