Construction Problems And How To Tackle Them With Insurance

There’s a lot to get right on a construction project. When things go wrong, insurance can step in. Here are three common problems associated with construction work:

Construction is responsible for more water pollution incidents than any other industry, and also contribute to air, soil, and perhaps the most obvious, noise pollution.

Preparing an environmental risk assessment before a project gets underway will help you identify what needs to be done to prevent things like fuel run-off into water sources and high levels of PM10 Construction dust.

Measures might include fine water sprays to prevent dust from becoming airborne and minimal removal of vegetation and soil disturbance to decrease erosion and run-off.


Property Damage
A ladder through a window or fire damage caused by a blowtorch are just two scenarios where you might find yourself on the wrong end of a claim. If your works requires you to operate at a height, there is great potential for danger as well as damage, especially if you’re in a busy area. This is why no scaffold set-up is complete without a rubbish chute.


Working with heat or at a height both present obvious dangers, on top slipping or falling over – an instance which can affect anyone but doesn’t necessarily come with as great a risk. Scaffold boards can become very slippy in the rain, and with the amount of heavy lifting required it’s essential to measure the injury potential within your operations.

Construction Liability and Contract Works addresses all these risks which are specific to the industry, with Environmental Liability to cover some cases of pollution, public liability for property damage, and personal accident and employers liability for injury, either to yourself or your staff.

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